10.05.04 4:36 pm
small talk costs lives

fall is such a fabulous season.

im getting my hair done soon. it needs a trim at the very least. i dont really want to go shorter, but i may. i might dye my hair black, there or at home, depending on the cost. id like it to have a blueish hue to it though.

i might go to st louis this weekend. if not, im rolling looper.

its only tuesday. this week is so slooooow!

im doing cockroaches as the subject of my reduction print. im excited. the real plus side to it is that since the picture im working from is so nasty, i cant eat during class! so i stay on task! for the most part anyways, the picture doesnt keep me from talking.

there are black specks on my shirt and ive no clue as to where theyre from.

no, that wasnt neccessary. so shove it.

its been real.