10.24.04 11:34 am
my hair has faded...

im kinda grounded. mrs kandros called my parents for a meeting on thursday. it obviously wasnt to tell them that im an art prodigy, but to tell them im nearly failing. so now im grounded untill i finish that project that was due a week ago. im almost done though!

i went to see the grudge with daniel and -god knows why- greg. it sucked. it was trying to hard to be the ring. it made me jump a couple times, yeah, but it lacked intrigue. i love creepy intriguing movies. then we went to burger king and i played in the little play thing with daniel. it was hilarious, we kept bumping into things.

lalalala... oh! i bought some really cute yummy japanese cookie things. they were in the shapes of mushrooms and pinecones! i saved the packaging because it was sooo cute. i wish our candy was so creative.

i cant wait to go to school tomorrow. dont ask why.

its been real.