11.18.04 3:53 pm
im an embarassment.

im so fucking exhausted. this week has been terrible. everyday my mom bitches me out. yesterday she totally flew off the handle and i havent talked to her since. that was around 2pm. my head hurts so bad. i fucking cried during school today. i hate crying infront of people, mainly because it makes them feel so awkward. i dont blame them. i cant talk to anyone. im not going to get into it because its far to complicated. i hate myself.

daniels been moody, but today he was back to his normal self. i hate it when hes moody. if i can, ill be going to his house again saturday night for our weekly scary movie. gah, ive been spending a lot of time with him lately. its so weird. i *might* have some feeling for him, but thats so gross. its just that hes stocky and so clean. i like the lanky indie/grungy boys. hes not attractive physically, but hes fun.

zachs been bugging me about coming over to his house to play super nintendo. now theres a sexy guy. hes perfect physically (as far as my taste goes) and hes amazing, but it would never happen. i know that and its cool. i hope i can come over, it would be awesome but my moms being such a bitch. i think she might actually stick to her guns for once. although shes already gone back on her "taking the car away from me" punishment.

im really excited. the other day when i took lori to the park, i discovered that the people behind lakeside have gotten a greyhound! one day im going to go over there and ask if theyd like to set up a play date! i know that sounds soooo dorky, but i love those dogs! now lori has three potential playmates that live sooo close. she needs friends. lol.

um, progress reports came out tuesday and im nearly failing all my classes. i have a "b" in journalism, a "d" in algebra II h, a "f" in art III, and an "i" (incomplete) in english 11 h. ive got less than four weeks to get my act together. shit.

my dad made cheesecake. thats the only thing to look forward to. i love thanksgiving.

its been real.