12.07.04 3:45 pm
naturally curly does no good

well, i got a haircut. ill post a pic at a later date.

i am one of those people. i got pissed at this guy because he didnt show me any attention. you might not think that would come from me, but it did. along with many other things.

im failing english, barely passing alegbra, art falls somewhere between the two, and im doing average in journalism. but next semester is a new start. sorta.

i have coach lind, not mrs corrodin (?), which is a huge fucking relief. thank you god.

chhhhh chhhh chhh, lets see. im a huge fucking brat. lalala.

my birtday is in one (1) day and one (1) week. december the 15th, if you must know. the big one- (1) seven (7). thats cool.

i love touching. i havent kissed anyone since jeff, but touching is ok. i think fidgeting with someone elses body parts is a lot more sensual. and you can have your eyes open and watch them. its cute.

i just dont feel real anymore.

today coach reynolds helped me put my sweater on. i dont mean anything by that but it was random.