12.10.04 3:34 pm
patriiiiiick fox!

:} :} :} :} :} :} :} <3 <3 <3

it went really well! except at the end, when we were standing outside talking, i kinda cut it short and didnt tell him to call me or anything. i just wanted to skip the awkward end.

as you can tell, im so new to this. tee hee, isnt that cute? its not. but yeah.

i hope he calls me (sounds like every other dumb teenage girl. oh well). but since he went through all the trouble to look up brookes number in the m.u.n. book and ask her for mine... :D

he remembered me from two months ago! i must have left a REALLY good impression, eh?

i feel soo... light, haha. but im getting my hopes up waaaaay too high.

but its still fun to day dream.


p.s. zack gave me his number and im going to his house sunday to play super nintendo. yay! i dont know what to think about him anymore, hes such an asshole sometimes. but really attractive...

ech, whats my deal!?