03.27.05 9:26 am
no chicago, i guess.

hahaha, you guys will never guess who ive hooked up with. but ill give you a hint:

his native country is germany.

haha, yup, ive been making out with maurice. isnt that kinda funny? hes fucking german, and its so hott when he speaks it. ive spent the past two days with him and his friends, and theyre awesome. mark is french and alex is a vegan. have you ever had organic beer? dont, its disgusting.

theres only one problem with this whole thing. maurice really likes me, but i just wanted something fun for spring break. he asked me if he could kiss me at school, and i was really caught off guard. i just figured after spring break, everything would go back to the school routine, you know? i wasnt even thinking about being with him. i dunno.

his friends are really great though. ive never met a more positive bunch. theyre all a bunch of characters, and i love it. ill probably hang out with them later this week.

i really hate being on anti-depressants, espcially this fucking zoloft. its so frustrating. i cant be content of happy without a fucking drug. i just get so down for no reason. bah.

i hope you guys are having a great spring break as well.