02.09.08 1:29 am
isn't this high school...?

i love to party. i'm really excited about tomorrow night (tonight), but i'm also incredibly nervous.

1. it's a party for my new boyfriend's best friend's birthday, meaning i'll be hanging out with my boyfriend's friends for the first time. alcohol will take the edge of of this, for sure!

2. my boyfriend is straight edge and i'm nervous about drinking in front of him.

all of his friends have broken edge and his last girlfriend became an alcoholic during the relationship. i know that's not my problem, but he really loved her and i feel weird about it.

i also have a sneaking suspicion that he isn't over her, either. it doesn't bother me at all, because i'm not invested in this. i'd like to ask him about it, but i'm afraid that would come off weirdly. he has been talking about her more lately, but perhaps that's just because he is more comfortable in our relationship? maybe he if brings her up again, i'll ask. i'm in no hurry.

i want to go to knoxville next weekend to hang out with danny. i find the invitation strange, but i can't refuse a weekend out of hendersonville... especially when there is alcohol/weed involved.

i'm 20. awesome.