12.12.08 4:17 pm
hahaha, what?

"i'd like for us to clean the house in the next few days. it's gotten to a standard that not even i like." -dad

oh, really? because i've been busting my ass trying to keep this house in a livable condition, while you refuse to clean up after yourself. the living room is a sea of newspapers and beer cans. the kitchen counter is completely covered with your cookware and dishes and trash. you won't take the dog out when i leave to see my mother for the weekend and i return to find shit on the floor.

this isn't to your standard? you sure had me fooled.

i clean up after myself. i stopped cleaning up after you awhile ago. we have pretty much the same amount of free time, so i don't see why i should. i don't spend time in the living room anymore, and i keep my wing of the house pretty neat (my room does have a couple piles of clothes on the floor, but the bathroom and kasey's room [now a studio/game room] is neat). if you are comfortable lounging in a pile of shit, i guess that's your prerogative. i refuse to clean up after an able-bodied 48 year old man. i am not your mother, or your wife, and i refuse to put myself in that position.

oh, and should i mention the fact that he was unable to stand up as he said this? that he was keeping balance on the door frame, and still swaying because he was drunk at 4pm?

jesus christ.