02.03.09 3:02 am

first word, left side, top to bottom:
I bowl Saturday after to to doesn't because Maybe don't repeat probably of pretty the he'd planning They such shrug refusals!! Maybe he's used and and on didn't two was run bring and him

last word, right side, top to bottom:
super that hours used want obviously him him! you these is capable be about girl while left! am kinda out so. but he forced now went he him (that only to cry freak Bah!

together, for you:
Super Bowl
that Saturday
hours after
used to
want to
obviously doesn't
him because
him! Maybe
you don't
these repeat
is probably
capable of
be pretty
about the
girl he'd
while planning
left! They
am such
kinda shrug
out refusals!!
so. Maybe
but he's
he used
forced and
now and
went on
he didn't
him two
(that was
only run
to bring
cry and
freak him

I -- Bah!