05.02.15 11:49 am
deep sigh

this is terrifying. i haven't loved anyone in 4 years.

i'm seeing a therapist. i want to be ok.

i'm not making enough at my current job, and my pervious job has come a'calling. it was like $$$, but i left it to pursue school. i don't know if i can balance a 40 hour work week (nearly 50 hours if you include the commute) and a full time course load. this is a serious decision, and i've only a week or two to think about it. i also wanted to have fun this summer, but i would start immediately... meaning summer would be a real bummer.

he's leaving at the end of july. i know i shouldn't let that effect my deicion. i just wanted to spend so much time with him before it was over. i've become fixated on the end, and it's becoming a problem.