09.12.03 4:19 pm
tgif (thank God im f'rill)

when mom came home yesterday afternoon, she came into the computer room. she was all, "dont download any more music! theyre prosicuting people! blah blah blah!" of course, i told her, "mom, theyre not going to get everyone." i mean, c'mon, we live in fucking hendersonville, tn. i honestly dont know how theyll track everyone down. if you have kazaa, im pretty sure when you sign up they dont ask for much more than your email address. i s'pose if the government was really hard core theyd search like that or use your isp number or whatever. i think its ridiculous. theyre will always be free crap downloaded off the internet. i really doubt that can keep any part of the internet restricted by laws or rules. its like a total free for all here. if you look at people like me, being able to download mp3s actually ups cd sales. if im interested in a new artist or contemplating buying a new album, i always download a few of songs by the artist to see if its worth buying. after i buy the album, i usually delete their songs from my computer. but thats just me. id much rather have the actual thing rather than a copy i burned myself. but, whatever.

its friday! im looking forward to possibly sleeping in saturday and reading the news sunday. of course, there will be a lot of cleaning going on. but theres nothing out of the ordinary about that.

today when i got home, i decided to play around with that mary kay junk mom bought me last year in the hopes that id become... whatever it was she was hoping i would. i only got as far as mascara. i put it on, and the impact on my lashes made me look a lot like a porcelian doll. not that i have amazing skin or anything, cause i dont. damn it, its not like the instant i put make up on, ill be a total boy magnet. i really like lip gloss though. mary kay makes some kick-ass lip gloss. i just hate that its $8. i really like the way my eyes look after ive had a light cry session. not the blood-shot part, but the redness around my eyes. i think its looks so nice. if someone could teach me how to do that with make up, i think id wear it more.

you know, i think im the saddest girl ever. not as in boo-hoo, but the other kind. i really dont think im comfortable about talking about it to anyone, or writing it anywhere, not even in my pen-and-paper. id feel too vunerable. is there anyone out there that i could totally confide in without any risk of them taking advantage of me or hurting me? hm.

hey! i just found out the new strokes cd comes out in late october (the 21st to be exact)! yayayayayay! speaking of cds, im so in love with rooney. as soon as i get money, i will buy the album! but i need to save for the shoes. so much i want, so little money i make. being a teen with money troubles sucks!

on a totally unrelated note, i still havent ever been to a goodwill or salvation army! i really want to go, but i want a couple of friends to go with! maybe if shanna is ungrounded, we could go together. i really want some unique and retro clothes. but is goodwill the place to go? my wardrobe so desperatly needs a funky kick in the rear, but im so lost when it comes to wear to shop! i wish i could go up to the kids whos fashions i admire and ask, "so where the fuck do you get such bitchin' clothes, man?" i really wanted to go shopping in the fcuk shop in ny (for one, the name is so close to being "fuck", two, they had some pretty funk-ay clothes). adklfhdg!

did i mention is was friday? (as if you didnt know.)

blah, i really want to talk to jake again. i havent in forever. hey jake, if you still (did you ever?) read this, drop me a line at: "girl.in.sneakers@juno.com". yeah, i havent memorized the html for a mail to link yet so... shove it!

spoonlover is such a cool chick. she posted her address on her diary for any kids that wanted to be correspondants with her! i think thatd be so awesome to do here, but im too scared to put my real adress on here. so if anyone would like to write letters with me untill i bore you, please write me and email and ill give you my adress (or vice versa, whichever you might prefer). i just really dont want any stalkers... *shudders* i really love letter though. make em all purty and creative!

its been real.