10.13.02 6:17 pm

wow, heres my pathetic excuse for a cast list, because im such a loser. *sigh*

allyson thats me! i decided to add myself 'cause my profile says just about nothing about me. iv e just realised how much of a hypocrite i am. im not proud. i dont understand myself. i bet i have low self-esteem. i tend to put myself down in profiles, i put myself down a lot. i guess im just trying to keep myself in check by saying im not good enough. that cant be healthy. im depressed. whoops, i should go over the basics. im 16. ive had type 1 diabetes since the fourth grade (thatd be 6 years) and scoliosis since the third. i have the coolest glasses, but theyre always bent and broken, so i usually wear my contacts. im pretty loud somtimes and i try to be funny. other times im very shy. i hate dressing nice. i live in jeans. i hate make-up. i love music, but i really couldnt care what category its in. at the drive-in, death cab for cutie, dieradiodie, porcupine tree, thursday, the strokes, and the vines, yay. i have a guitar and im looking into a sitar. i finally got my permit! i draw a ton. sorry this is so long.

kasey: my sister, shes 13. we get along pretty ok most of the time (as much as i hate to admit). sometimes i could kill her though.

mom: uh, shes my mom. i love her. we fight. you know how it is. mostly we just argue about her having children in the first place. cant ya just feel the love?

dad: um, my dad? i dont think i have that great of a relationship with him. all my friends think hes psycho. i really cant stand him all that much, and he doesnt even do anything to make me feel that way. what a warped relationsip i have with my parents.

faren: technically shes my half sister, but whatever. shes 26 and lives an hour away from us. shes cool. i wish she lived closer so i could see her more.

paul: farens hubby, my brother-in-law. hes cool, too. he has a tounge ring. hes a huge titans fan. i think hes in his early thirties, im bad with ages.

austin: farens son, my nephew. hes so frickin full of energy. hed be cool if it werent for the fact he has to be doing something every single minute of the day. hes 8.

austin: pauls son. yup, both faren and paul have a son named austin. this ones annoying. hes whiny. so whiny. hes also a big fat cry baby. hes a year younger than farens austin. he shits his pants when he doesnt get his way. faren and i call him "shitty pants" behind his back. oh so loving!

whitney: i have geometry with whitney this semester. that means we have lunch together, too. perhaps well get closer again, hahahaha.

keath: haha, keath! i love this kid. hes in on the plan to take of guiness with our marathon card thing. we are fellow card addicts. hes constantly telling me i talk too much. i rarely see him anymore.

weston: i dont ever see/talk to him anymore, but damn, hes an awesome dresser.

jeff: well, right after our fourth month mark he realized how annoying and bratty and stupid i am and broke it off. it was all my fault, but ive learned from it. if theres a next time, i wont be so shy. after all, if he likes me enough to ask me out, he wont mind all the junk ive got to say... right?

alan: jeffs best friend. i dunno, just for clarity?

alex g: another fellow card addict/record attemptor. alex is pretty funny. i didnt think id have any classes with him, but we have world geography together! yay! now we play cards a bit, but sometimes mr cothern is scary.

brooke: like whitneys best friend. i dont really talk to her as much anymore cause of my crumbling social situation.

jake: jake is a character. i really dont get him sometimes. i have geometry and stagecraft with this kid. he got me and jeff together and sorta broke us off. funny how medling he is. hes pretty funny and isnt really all that bad. he owes me a letter.

ill add more as they come. though i prob'ly wont, i never remember to. if i mention anyone in my diary that you think needs to be added here, drop me a line.