01.28.04 7:09 pm
i think i might go back to bed

ive got a serious cold. and to clear up all those rumors, yes. my nose is running.

i feel so horrible for whitney. just to let you know, whit, ive got more info on the whole deal. i might even know who started it... but its not nice. god, this is just awful.

so yeah, im potentially failing art II. i just cant get motivated. ive got two major projects due friday. i havent even started one and im only half done on the other. not cool, allyson, not cool.

isnt it neat how i talk to myself sometimes?

jake told me that id sleep with jeff if i got the chance. that kinda pissed me off. where does he come of saying stuff like that? and it was totally random, too.

yesterday was a snow day and if were lucky friday will be too. i really need the extra time on my art projects. *crosses fingers and does a snow summoning dance ritual*

its been real.