02.19.04 5:05 pm
tomorrow is friday, my friend, and that means nothing

so i went to the dr yesterday about that punk ass rash under my eyes (which is miraculously going away on its own now... whys it always like that?). this lasy prescribed steroids. im scared about taking them. she said they could make me jittery and hyper and hungry. i dont need to be more hyper! holy shit, people will kill me if i get any more annoying! and i dont want to eat any more, ill only be taking it for a week, but i could easily get fat. sdkfjsf!

today was drews birthday! i gave him the kick ass card i made and he gave me a ride home. (dont tell jeff, haha.) he got his license today. *sigh* i still need to get that paperwork for my permit. im horrible. cole is a character.

ooh it feels so great outside today! screw winter, ive given up on snow! im soooo ready for spring! to celebrate, i shall wear a skirt tomorrow. not the pleated one, no. thanks for your concern.

hm... nothing really signifigant happened today. the past few days ive felt really different. i dont know how or why, its really subtle and i cant put my finger on it. so subtle and yet so profound. its bugging the shit out of me.

ive got a headache. i think its time to change some habits.

mmmmmmm, step outside my friend, breathe in! god i love weather like this. it just makes me... happy! though this spring will be a little dissapointing. most of the pear trees on the coldesac were cut/blown down last year because of the storms, so i wont get to see the awesome flurries of white petals this year. walking down the street like that was so pretty.

its been real.