03.31.05 6:40 pm
its getting better, sorta.

im through with maurice. but ill never have the heart to tell him. im a bitch. uuuggghhh. this sucks. i did, however, make a little pros and cons list.

hes german
he plays drums
hes really gentleman-ly
he doesnt have back acne
he speaks german

hes german
he likes real punk rock and blink182
he apologizes a lot
he has face acne
hes whiney
he bullshits constantly
hes a sloppy kisser
hell randomly start talking about gay shit when were making out

i just wanted to play around with him over spring break! why the hell is he in love with me?!?! and hes so sensitive hed be so crushed if i told him... ugh.

on a lighter note, i bought another flaming lips album today! whee! i also got my first bjork album as well. i finished the movie amelie today, and highly reccomend it to everyone (who doesnt mind subtitles). tomorrow i think ill go with daniel to get his tux for prom. i need to call dawn about hair... i need a cut, too.

the weather is amazing. yay!