06.17.08 12:10 am

i fucking hate it it is awful it makes me cry it makes me want to curl up and dissapear music is a fucking sin it keeps me constrained i am stuck inside a very small metal box you can not rear back to break through when you scarcely have enough room to breathe and you inhale your back cracks and it is all over you run to art to save you but your arm is nothing but sharp hard jutting lines and you jerk and you jerk and the angles reach peaks and all you did was kill left with your chest burning exhausted too tired to sleep so you take a walk you take a walk but it is after midnight you take your phone but why it will not make a difference nothing is going to happen but you may walk through a few spider webs and a beetle may hit you in the face and you feel something on your leg a worm a caterpillar is crawling up your leg it is small it is not scary but the way it writhes and oozes up your leg you can see its insides you can see excrement inside the little thing it is so small you do not kill it you pick it up and thow it you throw it inside the bathroom where does it go there were ticks there too two ticks have been lost in the bathroom you will not step on the rug for fear the tick may be hiding there but it has been weeks months half a year since the first tick flicked off the sink counter top nothing to worry about nothing to worry you sleep now sleep sleep sleep you sleep and i will take a walk save a life or two and shorten my own