10.20.02 7:13 pm
ear infections are the devil, i love eggs

didnt do much today. didnt go to church or anything. we ate at raffertys. i got this chicken salad thing, didnt like it. i got this smoothie thing, didnt like it. haha, im not THAT picky, i just got some nnot-so-good stuff. i found some argil (golf) socks ast target! yay! im going to wear them with my khaki pud things and my pumas. i look so stylish (not).

kazaas not working. i need my music.

moms gonna make me do chores soon.

i planted grass in a bucket for my room. hope it grows fast, grass is so cool.

my ear hurts so badly. im going to the doctors tomorrow asap. i might even get to stay at home. my moms so sympathetic to her sick little angels. hahaha, angel.

well, im bored, go kick ass.