08.14.03 12:25 pm
phil is in my french class again, and slightly more creepy than before

i just got back from my first day at school. its was ok, i guess.

i have biology first period (what a great way to start the day). there are a bunch of kids in that class. itll be ok.

second period i have english. thats going to be a horror. we dont even go a whole day and i already have homework in there. its not bad, but its just the principal, you know?

third period i have floriculture. im betting itll be kinda boring, but not bad. there are some cool kids in there and the teacher seems nice. and by few i mean the whole class, it consists of about 11 kids.

oh, and i have fourth lunch.

then i went to fourth... guess what? ms flannery is ms brooks! she just changed her name back to her maiden one. how funny is that? that fourth period french class is almost exactly like it was last year, with the exception of a few people. its going to be great.

i only saw jeff twice today. i just got off the phone with santina and she said hes in her spanish class. hes cute but i dont like him.

gah, ive gotta say, the amount of freshmen was unbearable. they were litterally swarming. it was very nerve racking and quite annoying. i guess we were like that last year. i dont feel any older. i still feel like a freshman. oh well.

i had to ride the cheese today. it took 30 minutes for it to get to school and another 30 to get to my house. it sucked. im glad mom will be able to take me home untill i get my license. and that will be 6 months from when i get my permit, which should be any day now.

today moms going to take us shopping for supplies. oh boy. shes out at lunch with a few friends right now, though.

i got compliments on my hair today. it didnt look as bad this morning. it was just soo poofy yesterday. blech.

i missed the show of the year last night! i heard soo much about the jamboree today at shcool. i shouldve just gone.

this entry has been rushed and was made without detail. i think my bloodsugar might be low. who knows? perhaps youll hear from me later.

its been real.