08.22.03 3:33 pm
the hatred grows...

yes! im back online! y'know that horrible computer virus that was going around? yup, my computer got it. and since my dad is the un-handy man, it took awhile to fix. but here i am!

ive been terribly depressed lately and i have no friends and school sucks it to the max. i really hate myself far more than anything and ugh.

but on to happier things!

in 3 hours i will be getting a greyhound! her name is happy smiles aka darlin'. yeah, i got the one with the worst name but i will live! shes a 67 lb brindle! im sooo excited! if you want to see a picture of here, click here. its not a direct link so youll have to go to "avaliable dogs" and then scroll down till you get to her name. i cant wait!

im really hungry.

guess who ive been lab partners with the last couple of times weve done stuff?! yeah! weston! hes sooo hott! today we looked at red flower beetles under a microscope. hes so hott. i hope hes not annoyed about being stuck with me...

i have fourth lunch this semester. i have noone in there, so ive taken to sitting alone outside. its actualy quite nice, i can do my homework or sketch or just write. tuesday and wednesday though some funky awesome junoirs came to talk to me cause they felt sorry for me. they were cool but i was shy/acting like a brat cause i didnt want to be their pity friend, so now they dont visit me. zach said i could sit with them when it rains though. i feel guilty and horrible about being such a bitch the day he came out and tried so hard to be nice to me but i just sat and did my biology homework. whats my problem?

ah, enough of that! im getting a greyhound!

its been real.