09.02.03 5:57 pm
part 2

ok, so yeah. sunday was just the usual sunday blah and monday was cool. i really like hanging with my family, as queer as it may sound.

i felt pretty out of place today. it was weird. i dont really have much to say anymore except that...

ron is a major fucking asshole for no damn reason. i really hate people like that. God, whats his problem? and hes the biggest fucking hypocrite. God. i just really hate people like that. they just for no fucking reason say shit to you and its just dumb. UGH!

last night i woke up and started crying. i really dont want darlin to die. im going to miss her so much. theres so much i wanted to do with her! i wanted to train her and do agility courses. shes my first dog. i guess i shouldnt worry about it now. just live in the moment.

ive got a headache. it wont be the last.

its been real.