09.11.03 5:14 pm
i sound like a total valley girl, turn back now!

ugh, donte grabbed my ass yesterday and the day before that he fucking got my boob (er, or lack-there-of). this had got to stop. im tired of guys that i have no interest in liking me (or my body... woah). its not like creeps are always crawling all over me, but this is so frustrating!

i saw jeff this afternoon with jake and his older brother. gah, im so stupid. i totally screwed any chance i had with him and whats worse is its been like a year almost and im still talking about it! why cant i move on like your average skank? im always hanging on that one guy! blah! i guess im totally messed up.

speaking of guys, gah, elmo (natalies twin bro, i forgot his real name) is so fucking hott. sometimes i wonder if guys know how freakin hott they are... cause, they are.

i have this stupid cold and its really bringing me down. i hate being the sick when its not bad enough to stay at home. cause youre all feeling shitt-ay at school and that sucks. last night my nose was running like a faucet, good times.

haley ball has got to be one of the awesomest people ever. me and her think along the same lines when it comes to stuff, but shes brave enough to say it flat-out. like we had to do free-writing about 9.11 today in english, and she was taking the un-popular veiw, and thats how i feel, too. her essay was so awesome. in a nutshell, i find all this 9.11 and war stuff annoying and wrong. but i dont feel like going over it again... so blah.

i started bringing my gameboy advance to school and now me and keath are betting on mario kart adavance races. its so awesome. weve even got other kids in on it, too. ive been raping his ass, but now its making a came-back... my future in racing aint looking too bright. oh yeah, and i lost my sisters link cable so now i have to secretly buy a new one. ugh. i really wanted those shoes...

i really should be doing homework.


its been real.