09.16.03 5:01 pm
dont ask: i just like riding the bus

oh my God, if i continue to eat like i did when i got home today, ill be so fucking fat by the end of the year. my stomach hurts, big surprise. the only time i eat a lot, is right when i get home from school. kinda weird.

today started off great but quickly turned horrible. everything was going fine this morning. but mom was running late, as usual. so i had to make her coffee. as i was reaching into the fridge for the milk, i knocked out the jug of orange juice. it exploded on the kitchen floor and went everywhere, on me, on the floor, all over the refridgerator. it was horrible. so that sends mom into a nother fit of screams. i swear to God i am so fucking sick of her having a stroke everytime something minor happen. it was just orange juice! why cant she just calm down? so, i went to school flecked in orange juice. i didnt care.

science was fun. drew weston alex and i just kinda goofed off the whole time. we abandoned our beetle project (instead of eating the beetles, one spider ate the other). after extracting dna from wheat germ (how exciting) we used the hot plate to fry the spider. it was already dead though, drew had shaken it and im pretty sure weston drowned it in the dna sample. anywho, it smelled horrible and the spider left a stain on the hot plate. it was so freakin funny though. good times.

i feel sick. i really dont want to end up like my mom, fat.

im so pissed that my mom has yet to buy me paints and brushes. ive had these canvases and this easel for so long. i dont know what id paint, but i think it would help me a lot if i did.

wow, you guys, i love my dog! my greyhound is the shit. last night when i was taking her out to "do her business", she found the prettiest kitty under the blue monster (our van). the cat was a cross between my two cats. it was weird.

ok, well, i should do my homework, but ill prob'ly just read...

its been real.