10.05.03 5:14 pm
mondays arent so bad anymore, does that mean im getting old?

yes, michael takled me into going to the beech vs hville game friday night... and i left before half time. i didnt have the patience to find someone who i actually felt comfortable hanging around. taigan was with her boyfriend, michael was with his friends, santina and brittany were with smoking/pot buddies, and i never found drew. i finally came to the realization that i have no close friends. i just have a lot of accquaintences (erm... how do you spell that?). it was so different last year.

saturday i went to m'boro and we successfully threw mom her surprise 50th birthday party. it was ok. i was a little bored seeing as i was the only one there my age. everyone was either 9- or 25+. but i lived. i played rummy with my nephew a few times and he beat me. i used to be the champ. :(

today i babysat and did chores and wrote nessa a birthday letter. i am suppost to be helping with dinner but too many cooks in the kitchen really do spoil the dish. or most teenagers are lazy asses. your choice.

blah, were in financial trouble again. i really hate my parents irrespoinsibility. it gets quite annoying after awhile.

i got paid a big $26 today. itll be gone before i know it. $20 going towards repaying faren for moms present and the other $6 ill end up wasting. ill never be able to get a vespa or go to japan. damnit mom just let me get a fucking job!

ive got to run to the store now.

its been real.