10.01.03 4:42 pm
ugh, of all the people to im me outta the blue...

my stomach feels like its going to explode.

today was another day, despite the threats of that virus.

you guys, i am the rummy queen, second to only one, curtis. i totally raped everyone today! i must say i love that game... it has nothing to do with me kicking at it.

in floriculture, good times were had by all... if you were me and michael that is. just kidding! i really love hanging out with michael in that class. today we talked about laughing so hard that you piss your pants (which ive never done before) and he told me to come to the beach vs hville game so he could make me piss mine. then he tried to look in my mini hello kitty notebook. i had "i <3 jeff" written in there from last year, so i wouldnt let him. then i ripped that page out. finally he guessed i used to like jeff and so we talked about him and that group cause thats who michael hangs out with. we made fire wands in class. it was suppost to be a flower, but michael gave up hope... excuse me...

je suis dans la salle de bain...

i want a camera so bad it hurts. i can just see things and i want to capture the moment so badly... i wont be getting one untill christmas. gosh darn it, i dont know if i can wait that long!

drew was being weird in francais today. he was giving me lots of hugs. usually hes flicking me or shooting hornets in my direction but not then. so i rewarded him with a "drew is a poo face" picture on the chalkboard, complete with a speech bubble saying, "i smell bad." good times were had by all.

i was going to say something else but i totally forgot... no i didnt!

yesterday in french we had a substitute. it was mrs fisher. its so crazy with her. you know how most people expect kids to be crazy while the teacher is gone? well for french class its the total opposite. when ms flannary is here were horrible. were always up walking around and playing cards or sneaking out of the class to visit the vending machines. but when mrs fisher is substituting, everyone is in their seat and paying attention and going along with what shes saying. why? because she knows that the fuck shes talking about. she grew up in french for awhile. she has the accent and can speak it like a native. she doesnt have a teaching degree, but shes a million times better than ms flannary. i wish they could make exceptions when hiring teachers. id much have a teacher with life experience teaching me rather than one with a peice of paper saying they can do it. because, in some (most?) cases, they cant teach. ugh, whatever. tennessee has one of the worst school systems ever. i want to go live up north.

and who might this tragichero character be? oh, its matt. what a let down. *sigh*

its been real.