10.17.03 5:29 pm
yeah, this is my third entry within the span of an hour, deal with it

i was reading spoonlover and she mentioned a guy named cappy. that reminded me of the guy we met in missouri. he was... nevermind what he was, he was rockin' and i have now come to hate the word "punk". anywho! he came to see his girlfriend graduate and that was very sad because he was handsome and she was so pretty and they looked so right together and shes going into the army! it was like a modern sad movie when the husband goes to war and it made me want to cry because cappy rode a bus to get there and none of her family came. i hope they get married and live happily ever after. that would be just awesome.

ok, im done now. seriously. but if i have a son, his name will definately be cappy, because its an awesome name. is bensley to manly for a girl?