11.08.03 9:56 am
holy junk am i retarded or what? (yeah, im still thinking about it)

i still feel bad about last night. i tried to call jeff twice, but he didnt pick up. why i didnt leave a message is beyond me. i think i might try to call him later this afternoon, but only once. i hope hes not upset...

i got up at 6 this morning. i cant go back to sleep. im so bored. and i really really really really need to talk to someone, anyone, right now. i just feel so cut off and anxious! i know, im insane.

i think instead of getting my hair cut today, ill do it next weekend... oh poo! i cant, les parents wont be home! grr. i dont want to go today because my dad would have to take me. and that, my friend, would be disasterous!

ive got a dent in my left leg from scar tissue from my lack of taking care of myself like i should. *sigh* im seriously cotemplating going back to shots. at least then i wouldnt have to have this pump on me 24/7.

gah! i cant believe i didnt kiss him!

its been real.