11.17.03 4:56 pm
jeff: you're an absolutely lovely girl

today is just total crazy. and not exciting crazy either, just normal boring shit that happens crazy.

this morning i woke up to find my rash had not vanished yet, which means another week of shirts up to my neck. its making me want to let my boobs hang out, haha. then i went to the dr. im thinking its the last time in a loooong while, but just you wait, ill have like a diabetes follow up next month. *sigh* i wore my glasses today, cause i was not fast enough.

so i was 30 minutes late to school. i get into bio, and just listen. weston is sleeping (im not letting him copy my work next time, i swear), keath and drew didnt turn in thier evolution papers, and alex is being a goof, i had to laugh. so i turned my piteous excuse for homework in and got to work. we (as in mostly me) finished the worksheets and then we (as in everyone) played kemps. me and alex were "tearin' it up!" untill keath and ashley caught up at the end. totally sucked.

then i saw my boyfriend. mmmm, i like him soooo much! ...

god, why does dad need the tv so fucking loud? and while the windows are open, too? (ill explain later on.)

...but like i was saying! i just want to eat him up! we walked to class, and i was happy.

there was work for english i didnt do. surprise, surprise. ive really been slipping lately. but the semesters almost over, so maybe ill be able to hold on just a bit longer. we watched, well, they watched julius caesar. i tried to sleep, but some parts of the movie were amazingly loud. but i actually think i did doze off for a bit, though my pump woke me up. damn thing.

floriculture was insane fun. i just talked with micheal for about an hour and then we listened to mrs shrum talk about junk and thats it. lunch was normal. cole was gettin snippy with me... hed better watch it!

jeff wont call me, ive got to call him. wes told me hes a pussy. hahaha. he gave me like, a super hug, im so lame!

french was me and drew, working together, striving to make a better grade. hahaha, that sounds so corny! i love being corny...

woo hoo! guess what people!? brittanys coming down next week! some serious damage will be done, whahahaha. im so excited!

hey peeps, ill be 16 in less than a month. about 29 days? perhaps? itll be the worst ever, i promise.

its been real.