11.18.03 5:14 pm
"youre so cuddly"

gah, i feel so fucking overwhelmed and i dont even have that much to do. ive got two tests tomorrow and im suppost to pick out the speech im going to memorize from julius caesar, but i left my literature book at school. and i have to babysit tonight for prob'ly about two hours for multiple families, and ill make 10 whole fucking dollars. damnit, id make so much more babysitting for one family. why cant mom just let me quit?

god, i am in such a mood. i guess ill be starting my period soon? i dunno, i didnt think i got that moody, but i just want to fucking kill everyone. and cry. i need a day of nothing. i feel like im going to explode.

there are just so many emotions... breathe!

im being so gay, cause its not like im swamped with school work or anything.

this morning fucking sucked, too. mom was totally bitching at everything little thing, and i really didnt care. shes going to give herself a heart attack over something so small, seriously. i told her, "mom, theres nothing you can do about it now, so just be quiet... please." i really wanted to throw a few "b words" and "f words" but thats guaranteed to take away all my "priviledges". i hate my family.

god, theres so much injustice and total hypocracy at my house. and my house isnt big enough.

the weather personifies my mood exactly. tornado watches and lots of wind and some rain.

i cursed more this morning than i have the whole year.

im a soda thats been kicked around...

its been real.