11.20.03 4:23 pm
"ill get frisky with ya, youd like that"

the past two days have been lovely. the mornings have sucked major ass, but the days are ok. the late afternoons arent that great either, but 10pm is my favorite time.

its true, i dont say enough. i dont really know why either... cause on the phone or online, i talk my head off. ha, i guess its just another one of my stupid things. but im really just content with him holding me and talking and singing. i like his voice. he says the cutest things sometimes, "god, you smell so good." he likes the way my hair feels, but i dont know why. his is soooo wiry and thick, though.

i am totally alone right now. that means im signing all my favorite songs and disregarding everything my mother said about chores.

i need to wash my black chucks, they seriously reek.

we finished reading the tragedy of julius caesar today. there is so much death in act V. its actually quite nice. i dont know why, but it really bothered me that mrs young was talking as much as she was.

ugh, how does that phrase go? "it leaves something to be desired"? meaning whatever wasnt that great. i dunno if thats how it goes exactly, but i really want to say it and i cant untill i know exactly what it is. bleh, thats exactly how lame i am.

its been real.