11.23.03 6:44 pm
whered it all go?

this weekend was pretty fun! but i totally neglected my studies and i can tell you right now ill be kicked out of beta club soon! i was suppost to memorize the julius caesar speech, but instead i spent the night at santinas last night and went shopping today. i bought cute undies.

if i met myself from last year, i would make fun of her and call her a loser. cause shes totally embarassing. totally.

we only have two days of school this week! but i am ready to go back tomorrow.

i forgot about the mario kart tournament, i was sleeping. *sigh* another missed opporunity to prove my dorkdom.

right now i cant word anything. its a weird feeling.

haha, i feel like i could overflow with emotion, but i cant describe it at all. its sheer frustration!

its been real.