12.15.03 6:58 pm

i think mom is right. maybe i am totally self-absorbed. i dont want to be. but the reasons are benificial to myself.

god, all i do in this thing is whine about myself (im such a loser), talk about jeff (i dont know what to get him for christmas), and complain about school(i have to take all my damn finals).

i want to change.

me: i want to start something...

micheal: what, like a fad?

me: no. (dramatic) i want to start a motion, a revolution!

im waiting for les parents to get back with pizza and ice cream. both my favorites because tonight i dont feel like going out for my birthday. i dont usually. well do something later on in the week.

today me and drew were standing next to each other and pulled out our chapsticks at the same time and put it on our lips. it was kinda funny. hes a lot taller than me.

i just noticed that i say, "me and cathy," a lot instead of saying, "peter and i." well, i think i type it that way, but i most definately say it the right way. i hope.

honey pie, you are making me crazy. im in love but im lazy, so wont you please come home? oh honey pie, my position is tragic. come show me the magic of your hollywood song.

were watching the 70s film version of the great gatsby and already im very very dissapointed. nothing really compares with the imagination, i guess... and the skill of a write, of course.

pizzas here.

its been real.