12.18.03 2:25 pm
give me a "M"

i feel incredibly lame. lame. lame. lame. lame. lame.

well, tomorrow is a half day, thats pretty cool.

saturday i go to my grandmothers (dads side) for christmas. im glad were doing it so early, cause i want to get it out of the way. i really dont hate my cousins anymore, i finally realized that its stupid and i have no reason to.

wow, im tired. i might take a nap or something.

my sister will be home in about thirty minutes or so. hahaha, you middle schoolers had to finish out the day!

im angry and dissapointed. this is quite dumb sometimes. i mean really, whats the deal? you keep playing it off to the both of us, but someone else keeps telling me otherwise. do you realize how much jealousy and cowardice turn a girl off? and this is so silly!

i wore some extremely comfortable pants today. my dickies cords. i swear, i could live in them, but theyre so damn unflattering on me. today my hair is tres disagreable.

yesterday me and weston bumped heads. it was so cute, like in a movie. but i dont like him, hes just very very hott. today we tried to play cards, but i dont think he likes to very much, and he fumbled a bit. conversation is nearly nonexistant between us, but its ok. i dont care.

and i really dont know why i just wrote a paragraph about a boy i dont know.

yeah, that nap is looking really nice right now.

i really love the song "im my life" by, who else? the beatles.

its been real.