12.22.03 3:24 pm
i have a new aim s/n: moderndaysquare

im having total withdraws here.

its quite boring at my house, seeing as how i have no life.

well yes, i did get another haircut friday. i dont know if i mentioned that yesterday. i think i actually like it. i went to this salon in rivergate, another lady my mother knows from school. she was really nice and i now officially have all the orange junk cut out of my hair. i love it! its been so long since its just been my natural brown. i love it so much! the lady who cut my hair (yeah, i forgot her name) told me i had the perfect base for highlights, but i am not ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

so i havent heard from jeff since... i dont really remember, thursday? we talked on phone... but i really want to give him his present! i havent seen him since, wow... five seconds on tuesday.

i had a very very involved conversation with jake about things. *sigh* i dont really know. it just sucks, thats all.

so i shot down that kid on the bus, hard. he asked for my phone number in a very dumb round-a-bout way. i dont have much experience in those kinds of situations, so i tend to be very blunt. but i still dont know where this kid gets off liking me... i barely speak to him. i dont know, i just find things like that hard to believe. and i couldve sworn hes seen me and geoff.

so merry christmas, im on my period! blech.

god, im such a lazy ass. its just really hard for me to get going. and of course that upsets mom. ugh.

why do people feel the need to put their schedules on their away messages? does anyone really care what theyll be doing for the next 8 hours? oh wait, they must have friends.

i s'pose i should clean up the explosion in the kitchen.

its been real.