01.09.04 7:08 pm
yes, the friday night blues. yay.

this is really uncool. right now i just feel so unexplainable. at the moment im harboring so many emotions, and it doesnt help that theyre totally contradicting each other. the negative ones are slowly taking over though. god this sucks. im not depressed its just im in a downer. blah. i s'pose its about time though. ive been really happy for way too long. all good things must come to an end and thats so painfully true.

but here i go again. i always feel like im blowing things out of proportion. i always feel like i dont have a right to do so. should i be worried?

hahahaha, i just feel like escaping. but i dont know what from. bleh.

id like to think its not just me. id like to put at least a little bit of the blame on someone else. in the end, i might end up doing just that.

i just ate crutons and salad dressing. its a psuedo healthy snack. i like to think so. like the better-for-you version of chips and dip. i mean c'mon, the only thing else it goes with is salad.

maybe it is all my fault. i probably put people off.

its been real.