02.03.04 7:08 pm
random convos and a cellular phone for moi!

how do i manage to talk to the most gramatically incorrect people online? it makes me laugh.

wow. people are so awesome. like, when i got online alan just ims me and starts going on and on about his girlfriend and other things that are bothering him. whats weird is that i barely know this kid, but hes cool. so weve been talking for about and hour and fifteen minutes. and weve both got a secret about each other. i think me and jeff will be going out with alan and kirby friday. on one hand im glad cause ill actually be going out with jeff, but on the other hand, why cant it just be us two? oh well!

you know how we got a family cellular yesterday? well dad bought one for les infants today! so now i do have a phone! wheee! i dont know the number yet cause mom left it at work. (whatd i tell ya whitney, id have one soon!) but yay! heres a conversation that went on right before i found out:

jeff: did you get a cell phone?

me: yes, actually

me: my dads taken it hostage though

jeff: whys that

me: i dont think my parents think im responsible enough?

jeff: what the hell

jeff: you just need to go up to your parents and say

jeff: mom

jeff: dad

jeff: im awesome

me: no no

jeff: gimme the damn thing

me: theyve heard enough of that

me: my mom told me, "people dont like to be around people who are always saying how awesome they are"

me: but damn, its true, im fucking awesome

jeff: fuckin a

me: no, im kidding

jeff: i disagree

then i laughed cause i dont know how to accept compliments like that.

heres an excerpt from me an alans convo:

alan: but anyways

alan: you dont love him

me: maybe not now

alan: and your already going out

alan: maybe we think differently of "love"

alan: theres a very very cynical part of me that thinks i cant know what love is

me: your not that diffrent from kirby

me: thats something she would say

kirby is his girlfriend.

ok, im done here.

its been real.