05.04.04 3:58 pm
i never remembered what i forgot.

hahaha, first everyone was breaking up, now it seems like everyone is so fucking depressed. im chilly.

im sure i have a lot to say, but like i always do, its nothing you havent heard before.

bah-bah bop bum.

i feel very hopeful at this moment. im anxiously ecstatic. giddy, almost. i dont know why, but i know itll pass. i feel very wasteful at this moment, too.

today i amazed myself. i blew through that make-up geometry test and scored 86% on it! maybe i can pull up my grade in this coming chapter? i fucking own radicals!

i want to open my pool. i want to soak up the sun. its absolutely lovely when youre floating on a raft in cool water with the sun warming your back. so relaxing. i dont know about you, but the weather can greatly effect my mood. the rain doesnt make me sad, but the sun literally brightens my mood. i know that sounds so incredibly lame, but its true.

jake says im going to help him paint his room. im looking forward to it. i love painting rooms. im going to she-bam my room this summer. yeah, she-bam.

my lower back hurts. its probably just pre-menstral symptoms. though im past the "pre"...

should it have been "pre..."? im not one for punctutaion. well, i am, i mean, i use it, but seldom correctly.

why do i pause to talk of grammer?

why am i speaking like an old wise person? from, like, ancient times?

oh snap, i was going to say something, but i forgot it. perhaps talking about other things will bring it to surface.

have you noticed that i type in here like im talking to someone? does that tell you anything? because its screaming at me.

today i talked to michael. perhaps ill start hanging with him again. he said he was going to call me the other day, but didnt. the last time he called me i shot him down - hard. he talked about going fishing today.

speaking of going fishing, ashlie, adam, daniel, and i are serving our detentions tomorrow afternoon. (and i... i hate that, i like "me and" so much better... narcissist? bad speller? perhaps.) it will be fun, as jake will be joining us also. i guess my dream of taking the paddling will have to wait. i wonder if ill ever get another detention?

ive got a couple birthday cards to make. one for colby and one for whitney... even though her birthday was in march, hahahaha. i should get on that, as its a very time consuming task. i just love personalizing things to the extreme. i love making things for people, too... but ive kinda run out of people to make them for. and the people i did have, well im not too sure they wouldve appreciated it so much. bah, where are all the people like myself hiding?

ha, probably at home, like me.

or maybe theres a secret club i dont know about?

or perhaps its my insane retardation.

yeah, thats it.

hahaha, why do my emotions contradict my logic so sharply?

i still dont understand why so many boys insist on cutting their hair.

its been real.