05.03.04 6:16 pm
p-i-s-s-d p-i-s-s-d p-i-s-s-d and piss'd was her mood-o

i just got back from the therapist and its official, im taking the drugs. i dont like it but what have i got to lose? i dont fucking care what theyve said. the thing is, ive never let anyone inside. except for mom and dr, and that was just very recently.

i just finished reading whits diary. its like an exact mirror image of some of my entries. except i know therapist dont care. and minus the god/religion/prayer part. hahaha.

so, right now i feel lame.

today i got my detention! it reads:

"Nature of offense defying teacher's request - etc. during play"

bahahaha! defiance! im so bad ass!

its been real.