05.07.04 4:34 pm
i have like, 1012 entries. what a lame-ass.

why, oh why am i so lame? why cant i find anyone to do the things i like to do? bah.

the feild trip was mucho funo. im going to spend a day in nashville one day. dunno when.

but yeah, i feel incredibly lame a this point in time. i have a problem with "reaching out."

im kinda cold, too. i need to take a shower. im slightly gross from the busride back. it was hot and being three to a seat wasnt so grand either.

but yeah.

ok, time for yearbook quote of the day and im done.

Allyson is has been a short but loveable ride. you are my sunshine and you complete me and I just wanted you to know that my love for you is not measurable.

Justin Bo-lauw

yeah I have more to write Just wanted to say that we had some good times especially that mr. cotherine GOT SERVED

Justin Blauw


typing that made me annoyed of that kid.

so lame. today. tonight. ill be home. i wont go anywhere. i hate this. where did everything slip and where did everyone go to? i used to go out, really i did. i went to shows and did things i liked with people that liked them, too. ive become defunct.

its been real.