08.21.04 7:51 pm
hire me!

god i hate my job. HATE IT. they make me round up all the buggies. those awkward god-forsaken foodlion buggies. theyre like, retarded buggies. im so little and wimpy, i can only get two at a time.

today, on my second day of work, i was told off because my "belly was hanging out". ok people, thats there was a gross exageration. maybe an inch of my stomach was showing. and its there fault anyways. i wouldnt have to wear my teenage girl shirts if they hadnt already gotten me those huge nasty foodlion ones!

the only cool guys work in stocking. where my dad works. i fucking hate working at a place my dad works at!! i cant know anyone that he doesnt already know! ugh.

today daniel visited me! isnt that great? it was funny though, he came in right when i was getting told off, then we took a stroll through the "panty liners." hahaha. im thinkin' well become great friends. although i have the sneaking suspicion that hes gay. which means if i ever liked him, itd be totally in vain. woah, im weird.

so... im not sure when else ill have to work. i forgot to check my schedule, but i hate it. the end.

its been real.