09.01.04 3:42 pm
please excuse the previous entry.

i had a feeling this morning that today would be a great day. and it was!

*is giddy*

i almost had a music orgasm (that looks weird, did i spell it right?) in art today, but i held back. (thank god, how awkward would that have been?) i could just see the look on zachs face. ambulance is my new favorite band. (thank you thank you thank you thank you, zach!!!)

also, i have found my new object of affection. jeff is over. i havent even seen him yet. pff. the end.

oh, i forgot to tell you who he is? no, i didnt forget. im not telling yet. im already feeling intimidated by him, so i dont need to be paranoid on top of that. hes just a grade above me, (and probably not even a full year older) but he seems sooo much older! so this may just be a big brother-type crush, a strong sense of admiration. but untill i get the courage to go talk to him as much as he does me, youll have to wait.

and im saying all of this like everyone is just dying to know. god, im pathetic.

so today was good. ^^

its been real.