09.25.04 1:41 pm
me = pathetic

yesterday i failed that algebra test i thought i did so well on. and i cried. lately im finding that is doesnt take much to break me down.

yesterday zach told me i "look really cute today." and already jakes getting his nose into it. beh. zach just pities me. i dont even know him and i dont like him!!!?

so originally today was suppost to be full of plans and fun! key word: suppost to be. is suppost a word? no, its supposed.

i was going to go to starbucks with daniel and try to talk him into seeing napoleon dynamite with me and kyle. i think ill ring both of them in a bit. i really want to see napoleon dynamite again, and now its playing at home!!!

the new aim sucks. thank you. that is all.

its been real.