10.19.04 3:38 pm
dude, am i dumb or what?

zach is 18. the last girl he dated was 20, thats four years older than me. all of his past relationships have been longer than 10 months. what the hell? there is NO way he could like me. though thats what everyones telling me. and ill admit we do flirt a lot and today he asked me why i havent visited him at work yet but still. shut up allyson.

today was sweet. it started off with zach asking me, "fucking christ where were you yesterday?" later greg randomly kissed me in the cafeteria. that was totally weird. um... oh yeah. i was molested all through four block, that was fun. and i did some molesting myself. yay!

i might go to the coffee house with greg tonight and then go visit zach at starbucks and since ill be up all night ill work on my still life that was due a week ago. beh.

tomorrow is the feild trip! im so stoked, but im a little worried cause i dunno who ill be hanging with. everyone will hook up with their close friends (ie. betsy... shanna... zach). i might just have to hang with kyle. oh well. itll still rock! who knows? maybe zach will take me for lunch?

blah! its been kinda yucky warm this week. which sucks. i was ready to wear a super cute jacket and hang out in the park while the wind blew leaves all around tomorrow. whatever.

so this whole entry has been totally retarded. im totally retarded today.

its been real.