12.28.08 2:14 am
taco train

there are just so many things on the tip of my tongue.

i love driving at night during the winter just after it has rained. everything is so shiny and black. tree branches. the sky is clearing, but it still black, and the clouds are white. a few fluffy ones. i guess the moon is still pretty big. i guess, ideally, i'd drive forever. mostly driving alone is ok. i'd like someone to drive with me, in total silence, but an appreciative one. i am not nervous and you are satisfied and i am so incredibly happy and content i could explode. but i keep quite. maybe you could hear me smile. sometimes i smile a smile so huge and sincere, i swear you must hear it. but you don't. or maybe you do, you are just enjoying that silent explosion.

tonight was such a good night. i wonder if i am not too obnoxious when i drink, but at the moment i am too happy to care. nothing extraordinary happened. i did spend $20 on taco bell. half for strangers, half for friends.while no one said thanks, but i don't really care. i don't know.