09.06.14 12:56 am
still learning

i finished my second week of college 2.0.

i visited my endocrinologist, got my ducks in a row.

my last day of work is monday. i'll take a deep breath, and cancel my health insurance plan.

an old friend from school reached out to me months ago. i don't know... these days i prefer to be alone. he wanted to hang out 2 to 3 times a week. i humored him for awhile, but i need to be alone a lot these days.

the last time he asked me to hang out, i told him i wanted to be alone. he kind of disappeared off the face of the earth after that. no Facebook posts, no replies to texts... he reached out to me and i told him i would rather be alone than be in his company. i'm sure there was a more delicate way to put that, and i guess i can't be held responsible for someone's mental state and sensitivity... but i feel bad. googling didn't bring up any obits, so that's a relief. i haven't heard a thing from him since june. hope all is well.

a coworker reached out to me tonight. i almost brushed him off, but... i don't think i'll ever turn anyone down ever again.

one hour and a beer isn't much, but it can mean a lot.