03.10.15 1:05 pm
for life*, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

i love being sick in america.

i love it when you're paying $300/mo for heath insurance, and then you find a lump on your neck. you debate waiting it out or getting tests done now, but your friends and family tell you not to fuck around with neck lumps so you see a doctor and he's incompetent and you get several tests done because better safe than sorry and you have insurance so it'll be ok! and the tests come back negative and a specialist tells you nonchalantly that it's just a lymph node and it's totally normal and your endocrinologist is just just oh yeah that happens sometimes if you get sick a lot and you're thinking WHY the FUCK couldn't your GP figure that out and then 6 months after the fact, after you've quit your well paying job to go back to school, you get a surprise bill for $600!

and PLEASE don't get me started on having a chronic illness in the USoA.

god bless america.

*until you get sick, then fuck you ;)