10.29.03 4:57 pm
teenage romance, how could i not fuck it up?

sneak er snsuch: sorry i didnt visit you today

WhoBlowsThere21: yeah i noticed

sneak er snsuch: are you mad?

WhoBlowsThere21: nah not too bad

i fucking saw him looking for me, but i kept on walking... for now ill blame it on the indimidating friends.

michael: i think jeff likes you

me: really

michael: i think you like him, too

sneak er snsuch: how bout we make a little trade?

sneak er snsuch: hehe, since you have a record player and all

WhoBlowsThere21: haha

WhoBlowsThere21: NO

yeah, genius me ordered the LP room on fire instead of the CD. holy crap. what am i suppost to do now? *cries*

i swear, ive never had so much boy-attention in my life. i was nearly rapped five times in french class. i dont get it. i only want the attention of this one guy (which i have, ive just go to meet him halfway) but im being swarmed by all this unwanted as;jkdfhahf!

sorry for so many convo "snippets".

i feel sexy.

its been real.