11.10.03 4:42 pm
i think im at another loss.

i dont care what everyone else thought/said, i still felt cute and inspired in my leg warmers! i wore them over a pair of straight legged jeans, with my 70s red jacket, and scarf. and of course, i had my black chucks on! my friends of course, didnt care, cause they know i like to spice it up every now and then (wow, i cant believe i said that), but i got a few comments from some smartass kids i didnt even know. which really pisses me off. hello, you dont even know me, so why the fuck do you care? example:

"at least when i tried to be original, i looked cute." -that blonde girl dolly talking to her boyfriend

"hahaha, your socks are over your jeans." -some stupid wise-ass prep guy

of course, jeffs friends teased me a bit, too, but i dont mind, cause those guys make fun of everyone. they sang, "lets get physical". i told them noone was ready for the fashion movement i was trying to start, and i was totally right.

jeff: leg warmers................

me: ....you know, you dont have to say anything

me: i got enough comments from smart ass strangers today

jeff: really

jeff: show them to me tommorrow i

me: yes

jeff: I'll beat their asses

the shins are coming to memphis on the 20th. i really want to go, but i highly doubt i could find anyone that would drive me four hours for a show. id love to see the shins! asdfkjasdf!

"i think im drunk enough to drive you home now. ill keep my mouth kept shut. under lock and key thats rusted firm." i love death cab for cutie.

ugh, it smells like i stepped in poo. i surely hope not. *checks shoes* ugh, i guess my sister did. blech.

i feel stupid right now.

its been real.