01.18.04 8:16 pm
im boring.

i know i had something awesome and clever to say, but after reading up on everyone elses lives, i have forgotten.

i did, however, buy two cds today. theyre nice. im talking with dad about buying into an mp3 program, because i like preveiwing ccds before i buy them. so, yes, im giving in to the government. i just dont have enough patience for slow-motion piracy.

im having total jeff withdraws. i wonder if hell be at his mothers tomorrow?

im so frustrated that i forgot what i was going to say! blech!

i drew a very scary picture in my book today. actually, i like it very much, but i drew it upside down, so its got a very creepy look to it. its kinda sexy. maybe one day ill get a gold membership and i can start throwing my pictures at you! wouldnt you just love that!?

forget it. maybe ill remember later.

its been real.