02.22.04 3:56 pm
being so happy isnt that great when youre alone

im happy. a movie made me smile. im thinking about jeff and i cant wait to go to school tomorrow. i just wish he was here right now.

i just finished watching a movie on tv called "singles". its a very cute movie about these four people who live in this little singles complex. its a movies made in the 90s in seatle, so theres a lot of obscure grunge rock playing. i really liked it, which is almost rare for a lovish storyline like that. usually there are too many close calls and cheesey situations. but i really liked this one. the paper said it got three stars.

i didnt do anything today except babysit for le church. i didnt go to sunday school. im a heathen. (heathan?)


the girl who was suppost to go second on that big collab didnt go yesterday. im kinda really dissapointed. we had this all planned out and we agreed that saturday would be the day... oh well.

only four more days of steroids and im done. my face is looking ok, but like i said it had already begun to clear a bit when i went to the dr. i think its the change in the weather. now that were nearing spring and its not so feircely cold and dry, my skin is calming down. oh well, either way im happy!

im so happy right now! im just dissapointed theres noone around for me to share/spread it with. *sigh*

its been real.