02.22.04 8:11 pm
blech, my family

i think its time for me to get a new layout. i cant mess around my diary without worrying about the picture, haha. for example:

me: *looking at old crap, then i minimize/ex the window upon hear my dad*

dad: are you looking at naked me?

me: *sarcastic* yes, always.

dad: well at least your not homosexual.

what the fuck? i dont know which makes me angrier: the fact that dad wasnt sure about my sexuality or that he didnt get angry when he suspected me of looking @ porn. or perhaps he was just kidding about both. whatever. i dont like him. its weird.

im really thirsty. oh my god, you wouldnt believe how unsanitary i am! ill elaborate later, moms home.

its been real.